Amtrak Solar Powerful 50-Watt Solar Roof, Attic, Exhaust Fan Quietly Cools and Ventilates Your House, Garage, RV or Boat and Protects Against Moisture Build-up (with on/off Switch)



Would you purchase a light without a on/off switch? Most likely not. So, why get a fan without a switch. Amtrak Solar has built this fan a on/off switch to easily turn the fan off in winter months, during installation any time the fan is not needed. Solar powered fan will save money on your electric bill by reducing the need to run the air conditioning. It can be easily installed in gable vent. No need of an electrician, No permit, No inspections. Wiring is quick and easy. Mount the fan behind the gable vent and mount the solar panel on the roof and as soon as you connect the wire to the fan it would start working immediately. Instructions are included. The fan comes with on/off switch, four mounting tabs. Solar Panel comes with 4 mounting brackets. Extra 15 feet of wire with quick connects is provided to connect the solar panel. We also offer free thermostat and high efficiency fan blade upon request. Our high efficiency fan bade spins at RPM of 3700 to 4000 which is more than double the speed of regular fan blade. The solar panel generally produces power for 25 to 30 years. Built in U.S.A

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